International Advisors

careif advisors provide expertise and advice for a particular country, region, topic or issue. Advisors are also responsible for promoting careif in their respective sphere and topic to ensure that collaboration, endorsement and association achieve maximum impact.

Our Advisors are:

  • Mr Anil Thapliyal (New Zealand)
  • Ms Nemu Lallu (New Zealand)
  • Samson Tse (New Zealand)
  • Professor Marianna Bogdan (Russia)
  • Mr William Ashdown (Canada)
  • Professor Vladimir Rotstein (Russia)
  • Dr Vesna Damjanovska (Macedonia)
  • Professor Fuad Iraqi (Palestine & Israel)
  • Dr Yasmin Khatib (International Women’s Affairs & Compassion and Care)
  • Dr Jenny Willis (Wellbeing and Education)
  • Dr Nadarasar Yoganathan (Stigma, & Sri Lanka)
  • Dr Shanaya Rathod (Culture and Health)