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Careif Position Statement on STIGMA

At the root of conflict and stigma we find competition between different value systems and the threat of change to our collective or individual identity. In an era of unprecedented social change, as migration and mass media blur traditional boundaries, it is vital that we recognise this process of stigmatisation and embrace the potential for social enrichment through a process of dialogue.careif PS Stigma

In Conversation with Compassion and Care

Concern to ensure compassion and empathy are core experiences in care services are now a priority following appalling scandals in care homes and hospital settings. Of course, at a time of economic austerity and threats to health and social services, caring about those in socially excluded groups seems to be less of a priority for governments, national and local. Improving the health and wellbeing of the population at large is one approach to this – that is, creating a more compassionate and caring society, within which all citizens can expect fair treatment and supportive concern when they face hard times. Continue reading In Conversation with Compassion and Care

Outcomes Compendium: helping you select the right tools for best mental health care practice in your field

This compendium is primarily designed for clinicians engaged in service delivery and development, who wish to gauge clinical effectiveness and recovery, in a balanced, culturally appropriate, ethical and respectful manner. It is designed for clinicians who perhaps are not expert in the area of outcome measurement, and who wish to be guided about the scope of instruments, and find out which instruments might be appropriate for particular forms of outcome measurement. The compendium is also aimed at service users who might want to learn about different measures, and heir properties, advantages and disadvantages.
This resource has been archived from the DH website and so is difficult to find, but available here for those needing to consider the best outcome for the clinical, research, and quality improvement programmes.

Outcomes Compendium pdf

INSIDE OUTSIDE: Improving Mental Health Services for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in England

Proposals for reforming the service experience and service outcome of people from black and minority ethnic groups who experience mental ill health. Archived seminal policy document on black and minority ethnic communities and mental health care, here for easier access to those interested. It is now difficult to access from DH archive by a weblink.

BME Inside Outside pdf